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Friday, 27 May 2011

Manager vs me a lowly CCE

This manager of ours was a real pain in the a***. He was transferred from another division to cabin crew to oversee not only the 6,000 cabin crew but us, the 2 dozens or so cabin crew executives.
We were in this line for more than 30 years on the average and this particular  manager had  no prior  knowledge of inflight service nor experience in handling such a huge number of staff. But still, he was in charge of us.

Admittedly, managing us was not an easy task especially if our superior had no simliar working experience and one who stubbornly refused to immerse himself in our cabin crew culture. Bringing one`s practices from the previous department won`t work in cabin crew. Cabin crew is one department where the crew and staff were taught the art of finesse,diplomacy etc.

This manager ( let us call him lu) was unpolished in his mannerism and believed in the hammering his subordinates into submitting to his whimps and fancy. Some of my colleagues did not mind playing to lu`s whimps and fancy as long as their jobs were made secure. But definitely not me. I was willing to challenge lu in every aspect of the word CHALLENGE!

I filed a complaint against lu to my then SVP. I was told this particular SVP had worked with lu before in another division within the company.  He knew exactly I was complaining about cos he had dealt with lu before in such matter in their former work place.

To cut a long story short, the SVP removed lu from being our head of department. He deemed it unfit of lu to exercise control over us. The transfer was unprecedented cos it was very unlikely an SVP would side a lowly CCE like me.

Not long afterwards, lu was given the boot. Last I heard he was employed by some third world airline  which ultimately gave him the boot too.


Anonymous said...

Boh Tong U did not light a candle for him recently meh ?

Anonymous said...

The manager who succeeded him was no better!

Anonymous said...

Incidentally donkey in mandarin is called lǘ.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

cpl lah