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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Senior female crew can be bitchy at times.

Someone told me that a trainee stewardess was chastised by her instructor for not owning a watch. This so called instructor was actually a female senior crew who was helping out in the training.
Sometime last year,a female senior crew told off a stewardess at Changi Airport because her father dropped her off from his van. The senior crew told the stewardess she was not supposed to travel in a van whenever she don the SIA Girl uniform.
I remember very clearly another senior female crew went on board the plane and tested the junior crew on their knowledge of food,wine,cocktails etc. She did this not to enhance the service but to intimidate the crew especially the younger stewardesses who were prettier than her.
There was one who pulled the ear of a stewardess because she wore insufficient make up.
There were many cases of senior female crew bullying the junior ones for the sake of bullying.
The watch case was the latest incidence. What crap is all this huh? I have never heard that crew must wear wristwatches. Senior female crew can be petty and vindictive. This sort of bullying must stopped.


Anonymous said...

Next thing the bitches will do is to check whether the stewardesses wear chastity belts.

Anonymous said...

no need theere are plenty of bastards around to find out foe themselves ..hehe