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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Charming Andy fought till the end.

Andy was a Leading Steward on the Boeing fleet . He was in his twenties, handsome and charming with a pleasant personality. Sometime in that year, he discovered that his body bruised easily with slight knocks from work in the aircraft. And the bruises did not go away. He went to consult the Company doctor who referred him to the General Hospital for blood test. He was diagnosed with acute leukaemia and warded in the hospital for treatment. 
About a month after his hospitalisation I visited him and he was as usual pleasant and cheerful. A couple of months passed and I was told that Andy had become blind. After that I visited him again. His blindness did not depress him for he was still his cheerful and pleasant self. He was hopeful in getting better. He passed away about a month later.
While Andy was warded, a young lady doctor in charge of the ward attended to him. Their almost daily interaction between doctor and patient developed to that of close friendship. Their fondness for each other grew and they fell in love with each other. Despite his condition, the doctor lover had hopes of Andy’s recovery. Just before Andy’s condition worsened to blindness, they decided to get engaged. Even after Andy became blind, his fiancĂ©e doctor stood by him, encouraging him to fight his leukaemia. But the disease got the better of him and finally after months of treatment and struggle against the disease, Andy passed away.
This is a true love story with tragic end. 

Contributed by "Xcrew".

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