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Saturday, 4 June 2011

European Stewardesses

Many years ago we had European stewardesses on our European sectors. These girls were employed because of their language proficiency. They spoke English,Dutch,Italian and some other European languages.
Everyone was excited, including myself when the news was leaked out to the press about their recruitment.
After several interviews in Europe and in S'pore, around a dozen girls were recruited. The girls were sexy and most were blondes.
After their training stint in S'pore they were deployed on the European routes flying between S'pore and  London.
They were paid about the same as us in terms of meal allowances and salary. On each B707 flight one of these girls was rostered on the flight.

After about 3 months of flying, there were many complaints from passengers and fellow crew regarding their "tidak apa" and reckless attitude. To give you a few examples, there were complaints about them drinking alcohol on the flight. I had a personal encounter with one of them on a London flight. She was a Dutch girl and I saw her drinking whisky. On a morning flight, one was serving passengers breakfast with goggles on. There was another one who sold contraband cigarettes and another one was caught stealing aircraft tea bags,coffee powder,biscuits etc. from the dry stores compartment. A few were reported late for flights.

After much consideration, the company sacked the whole lot of them. From that time onwards, the company never ever talk about employing such girls.


Anonymous said...

Were the gals sexy?

boh tong said...

Ya they were sexy but are mostly old ladies now...hahaha

Anonymous said...

Foreign talent