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Sunday, 10 July 2011

About Tiger Airways by Tan Ah Pee

My dear Tiger Airways
What's happening these days?
Your share prices are coming down
Like an aircraft crashing to the ground

Why choose an ang mor as its head?
When all he knows is to slash and budget
Should have gotten people like Ah Phong
Or people from our same kampong

The Ozzies are no lesser fools
They know how to tighten the screws
On any airlines that slash and slash
Until the crew resign en masse

Aiya so easy to fix the Kangaroo and deers
Give them more of our Tiger Beer
But then they still prefer Foster
Which the say taste better

I punted a lot on the Tiger's shares
Now all I got are the tiger snares
Kick Tony that ang mor
And let bohtong be its CEO


Anonymous said...

Bohtong only got stewarding experience how to be ceo? Maybe worse tha ang moh

BT's fan said...

KNN dun look down on stewards ok!


Eh BT got Ah Seng (the ex-Silkair one) running the whole Tigar Airways operation. The Ang Mor was redeployed to Tigar Airways Australia from his position as Group CEO... so end of the day the overall operation still under SQ man...

boh tong said...

Hey KRIS thanks for the info man.