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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Two other cases by Drac

Like in LL's case, Drac was also very  jealous and upset with one of my ex colleagues called Rick. This guy like fraternizing with young stewardesses and Drac had made it clear that he hated the idea. Rick had a weakness for woman and that weakness overcame the fear he had for his boss,Drac. Rick knew very well what could happened to him if he incurred the wrath of Drac but chosed to ignore.

Drac spent a lot of his time scheming like in LL's case to fix Rick up. Again whether by chance or not we can't tell because there was a complaint that Rick tried to cheat the company of some allowance thing. The sum Rick was alleged to cheat was small but to Drac it did not matter. Drac seized the opportunity and put Rick on the disciplinary charge of cheating of the company. If found guilty, Rick would be fired.

At this time, I was a unionist representing the crew. Also at this time, NTUC wanted me to help fight the general secratary of the main union who did not want to toe NTUC's desire of forming the house union.

Since NTUC needed my help,I thought it was the best time to bargain for Rick's case. Yes, NTUC did much to help Rick who got away with only a warning letter.

In view of my assistance in get Rick out of a tight situation, Drac was upset with me. He also wanted to fix me up,I was told but dare not to because of my position in the union.

There was another case which involved a fat old check stewardess by the name of SH. She would harassed the junior crew if they did not party with her. The whole airline hated her.
SH was reported by a fearless leading stewardess for stealing alcohol from the flight. SH was found guilty at the inquiry and given a severe warning. She was pissed off with the decision and decide to file a law suit against Draca and the airline.
On hearing the news, Drac sacked SH and asked the company's lawyers to deal with SH lawyer. Eventually, SH's lawyer knew there was no case against Drac or the airline and advised her to close the case.

Frankly, SH deserved the sack. This was the only time I had agreed with Drac over the SH's case. Even if SH's law suit was successful against Drac, the crew and I will be celebrating too cos we had no love for either of them.

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