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Saturday, 16 July 2011

His nick name was TPK (quite similar to ex SVP TPT hor)

He was nicknamed (TPK) Tua Pek Kong,after a Chinese God (pic above). He was a fat slob (the said crew and not the one in the picture) and a not very enthusiastic worker. His hobby or shall I call it "side line" was making money out of anything his hands could get hold on.

Whenever TPK was on the flight, the free consumption of alcohol by passengers were noticed to be extremely high. The office had been monitoring the high consumption of alcohol on TPK's numerous flights. The office people strongly believed that TPK could have "off-loaded"(stole) the alcohol and disposed them off at the crew night stop stations for monetary gain.

On one flight, a trap was set up at an oversea station to catch TPK.
When TPK arrived at that particular station, the security people from S'pore and the custom authority of that station waited to ambush TPK.

TPK was a cunning fox because instead of him carrying the bottles of liquor, he made his crew carried them for him. Instead of him being searched,one of his crew was searched and arrested.
TPK retired like any other worker at age of 59.

BT: The following was how TPK was given his nickname........

There was a rich regular Indonesian passenger who was fond of tipping the crew. All those who knew that passenger simply loved him because of his generosity. One day, the passenger gave TPK and his crew a couple of thousands. TPK was visibly grateful to the passenger  knelt down with his palms clasped and addressed him as Tua Pek Kong or God in Chinese.
At this juncture, the passenger was offended as he was also a believer in the Chinese God. He told TPK he was nothing compared to Tua Pek Kong and asked TPK to refrain from addressing him as a god. So that's how this particular senior steward got his nickname of TPK.


Anonymous said...

TPK took early retirement and became a taxi driver. He regretted leaving SQ early.

Anonymous said...

Why regret? Have not stole enough is it?

Anonymous said...

This is a crewup IFS

Anonymous said...

BT, the picture is not that of Tua Peh Kong. The picture is a buddha.

boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
BT, the picture is not that of Tua Peh Kong. The picture is a buddha.

BT: aiya Buddha not so fat la

Anonymous said...

that is a pic of maitreya buddha

Boh Tong said...

Ya u r rite that was a pic of maitreya buddha.....i have changed the pic and hopefully it's tua peh kong.