Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The boss is like a diaper........

My ex boss, a man in his mid 40's was a no-nonsense superior but only to the male crew. To the stewardesses he was a nice and charming boss who would listened and "empathized" with them. The following was a story of a chief steward (LL), stewardess (Mimi) and this boss ( Drac).

Drac with his stern voice told LL " you must withdraw the report about Mimi.... it would not do you and her any good". LL in his stubborn voice replied, "Sir, Mini wasn't exemplary in her behaviour during her night stop in London, she was spotted wearing the stewardess working sandals while shopping at Piccadilly Circus"... " and when I corrected her, she defiantly told me it was none of my business as I was not her crew-in-charge".
At the end of 30 minutes of the briefing session with his boss Drac, LL left without agreeing to withdraw the report he made against Mini. Drac was furious and felt insulted by a subordinate who refused to obey his instruction. Drac contemplated charging LL for insubordination, a charge which could land LL with a sack.
That night, Drac went home and thought about the charge he would bring against LL. He was advised against doing it by his close associates in the HR department.
Drac was upset about the whole episode and so decided to spend a lot of his time and energy hatching out a plan to get rid of LL.

Whether it was a coincidence or not, I can't really tell the things that followed...... (will continue shortly..)

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Mean boss you had BT