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Sunday, 10 July 2011

This cc wannabe is" pretty clear ........................."


You might have already been aware that there are other SIA interview guides around. I have gotten one of those guides, and have been to the interview several times, so i'm very clear on what's going to happen in the interview, and pretty clear on what is expected of the candidates already.

I'm interested in signing up for your seminar. Could you let me know if there's anything that you can help me with, that hasn't already been covered in those other guides?

BT: The above was an email from a cabin crew wannabe.If she "pretty clear on what is expected of the candidates already" etc...don't you think she will be wasting her money and time attending my seminar?


Anonymous said...

This is a display of self centerness like most Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Man if she knew exactly what the interviewers are looking for then she should start a school and take you on BT, right?