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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

These two really owned 200K to 300k SQ shares (boh how siow boh kong aa)

This one (Rick) genuinely owned 200,000 SQ shares when they were listed on the stock exchange in the 1980s. He was given the option to buy the shares at $1 each from the company and as though not enough he asked for more and SQ obliged. This was before the shares went public. Many of us did not opt for the share option,offered at $1 because back then we were young and didn't think of investing our money. We spent our money on booze,women,gambling and sad we missed that golden opportunity.
Nevertheless, Rick sold all his shares before it reached half the current price of $14. He puntered on CLOB shares hoping to make a quick buck. It was a disaster and Rick lost all his good money when CLOB was suspended and later de-registered.
Today after his retirement, Rick is a defeated man and probably suffering from Alzheimer disease. He couldn't even recognised me when we met (maybe he does not like me because I am doing better than him).
There was another one, a retired manager who owned at least 300,000 SQ shares. This one was clever because he sold some of his shares and bought 2 private properties in Singapore. Today, he is living in one of his houses with his girl friend (wife died oredi)and collect good rental from the other one. I was told he currently owns around 100,000 SQ shares giving him an average of $10,000 per month dividends ( SQ gives about $1.20 per share dividends per year ).

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Anonymous said...

He nebber marry the girl friend cos he dowan her to inherit his property?