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Monday, 18 July 2011

Why envy huh?

This evening by chance, I met an ex colleague of mine after my usual walking exercise. Let me call him Vin. We had beer and kopi at a Kopitiam. We chatted about our time with SQ, mostly about our previous job and colleagues.
Like me, Vin was also quite close to the other dozen of  ex colleagues of about 35 years. Just like me, Vin was not welcomed to join their group when they started a cabin crew training business just after we left SQ back in 2003.
We were discussing about the secrecy which enshrouded their business plan. They didn't tell us nor hint to us about their business project. At least 7 to 8 of them were partners and trainers.
It was after they won their first project to train the cabin crew of an Indian airline that Vin and I found out about their activities. It was not that we do not meet often.....yes we did have teh tarik at least twice a month together but their business plan was a secret to us. It was not that we were against them not telling us or including us in the business but the way they kept it from us made us wonder what kind of friends we had.
Well well after 2 to 3 years in operation, their company folded up and they lost their money.
On the other hand, we were doing well in our own kind of business. Of course, by 2006, we had severed ties with this bunch of ex colleagues.
Now some and I am NOT saying all of them are envious of our progress. They thought we were a useless bunch of people and yet we are progressing very well. Many in the airlines thought we were dead woods but we proved them wrong. In fact, we knew from the very start they would fail.... remember we knew each other very well all those 3 decades of working together. Many were ball-less buggers who would instigate us to fight our bosses but turned against us behind our backs. They were the very people who secretly fed the bosses about our activities. They were great ball carriers and some of them were promoted even though they lacked leadership and substance.
Vin told me some of them were hostile in their approach towards Vin. He guessed that they were envious of him.
Vin ended up the evening by telling me he had bought a beautiful apartment facing the ocean along the Gold Coast in Australia. He did not have to borrow but had fully paid for the apartment (A$1 million)....he also has a property in Singapore that's worth around $3.5 million (fully paid too). I shook his hand and congratulated him for the purchase and we parted.


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Anonymous said...

where vijay got so much? he togo everyday day and get mabok

Anonymous said...

BT your colleagues are a group of idiots including some presently in the office.

Anonymous said...

Steady lah Bohtong I like your style man.


Uncle Boh Tong luckily you embrace technology... now your blog storytelling helped kick start your "cabin crew information consortium" huh? Haha

PS: Do keep up those nice commentaries

Boh Tong said...

hey thanks KRIS...what commentaries? racing??...haha


Uncle BT: commentaries aka stories laa hehehe

GenXY said...

Uncle BT, you are Gen X evolve into Gen Y. Not many can do that. I really enjoy your stories.

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GenXY said...
Uncle BT, you are Gen X evolve into Gen Y. Not many can do that. I really enjoy your stories.

BT: Thanks a zillion GenXY! Want somemore inside stories?