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Monday, August 8, 2011

My ball-les svp and cockless manager

One day, my rather new and ball-less svp ( let's call him B) called me to his office for a "chat". " I have been monitoring your work and you have shown to be a good and conscientious employee and it's a pity you have not been rewarded all these years"..he said with a serious look. He then told me he would, in the coming review reward me with a merit increment ( double salary increment for outstanding worker).

Months after the work review, I happened to bumped into B. I asked him what had happened to the merit increment he had promised me. He tried to avoid answering me by saying he was very busy with his work and would attend to me later on.

A month later, I went up and knocked at B's door. He had no choice but to let me into his office. He knew precisely why I wanted to see him. He explained to me that he wanted to reward me but my manager who was his subordinate refused to agree with him. Some crap reasons were given to B about my work performance and said I would be the last person to receive any reward.

Know what? That manager was a closet gay and I had probably passed some remarks about gays in general and that could have hurt him. To be honest, I do not dislike gays and some of my good friends were gays. My manager was just feeling guilty of being a gay. He couldn't obliged his mother's persistent nagging to get married and gave her grand children.

You see it was a personal grudge that gay manager had against me and so he unfairly blocked me from receiving the reward. Personally, I am not very much against that gay manager but my svp because he was a big boss without even 2 small balls. He could easily override that bapok manager's decision but he didn't.

The above was not the only ocassion where this ex svp showed his true colours. At one meeting with him, we requested for something that was definitely within his power to give. Instead of agreeing or disagreeing to our simple request, he told us he would first consult his immediate boss, an evp (executive vice president, a position liken to that of a deputy ceo). To me he was an indecisive svp and always looking up to his boss for direction.

I supposed in SIA and like anywhere else, if you are not a balls carrier you would be condemned and branded as a "renegade" or "useless".  Many balls carriers are doing extremely well even to this day.


Anonymous said...

That SVP himself was a bola carrier from Personnel Dept.

Anonymous said...

That SEXY biggest balls carrier is recently promoted even though incapable and junior.

KNNB CCB said...

people with balls, big or small, will be sacked, demoted, retrenched.

people with no balls get promoted, keep their jobs and retire gracefully

which one are you?

Sex C said...

I am "people with no balls get promoted, keep their jobs and retire gracefully" and I also lick my bosses' balls or CBs

Sad C said...

That's my FORTE

Anonymous said...

Gloryfy your days while you can.