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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My unsympathetic manager

Whenever a crew is away and his wife gives birth, SQ would give the crew a free ticket on the first flight home so he can be with his wife and the newborn baby. Also, if the said crew were to apply for leave in advance, the company would usually grant the steward his leave.

In my case, I was turned down when I applied for leave during the period which my pregnant wife was to give birth to our first baby. The reason given was the senior stewards had priority over me a junior steward back then. They were granted leave for things like going on vacations and of things of lesser importance.

So when my wife gave birth to our first and second child, I was away in a foreign country. Certainly, there were plenty of anxiety for me and my wife.

I was very upset with my manager for not granting me  leave on the two important occasions. Moreover, there was no such a thing as flying me home as a passenger.

What followed  may sound like a curse but I don't think so. I merely told that unsympathetic manager ( he had all the power to grant me those leave) that when it comes to his turn, I hope he would be far away from his wife and baby. I remember telling him this..."and that's if your wife could ever give birth".

All her life, that manager's wife was barren. They could not have a child. Today, he is an old retired manager not only without a child but also without a wife.

You may call it "retribution" but I really don't know.


Christel said...

Ouch... What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

I call this KARMA.


Anonymous said...

That's because all his good sperm given to other women.