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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sons lose $7 million house to father's mistress

Prominent psychiatrist Dr Wong Yip Chong (1997 picture)

The $7 million Chancery Hill Road house at the centre of the court case between two sons and their father's mistress.

SINGAPORE - The fight for prominent psychiatrist Wong Yip Chong's $7 million house has ended with the judge ruling in favour of Dr Wong's long-time mistress, Madam Patricia Ling Ai Wah.
Dr Wong's two sons - neurologist Meng Cheong, 54, and locum doctor Meng Leong, 49, - had taken legal action in an attempt to block Madam Ling, 60, from getting the house, even though their father had always treated her as his wife.
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BT: Why am I interested in the above case is because I have worked with Dr Wong in IMH from 1964 to 1967.


Anonymous said...

Don't bluff,OK? You were his patient, right?

boh tong said...

Me his patient? No la me his "god son" and got big will coming (maybe 2 HDB room flat)

mental said...

Anonymous said...
Don't bluff,OK? You were his patient, right?
Anonymous, you siao ar, maybe you were his patient, right?
BT mentioned he worked as an assistant nurse in Woodbridge in his younger days.