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Thursday, October 6, 2011

He felt dejected and confused.....

Hi BohTong,

I tried sending you messages but not sure you get it or not. I recently tried for the walk-in again. I managed to go all the way till the end and even after the final result was announced I was shortlisted however with a condition that they need to do a second skin check on me. I did that and waited for about 30 minutes only to get the result "sorry, you are not selected, thank you for coming!" Do you possibly know what can be the reason? I did really well in the interview compared to other 4 candidates and yet i was rejected. Feeling so dejected and confused.


My reply:

Dear xxxxx,

I wish I know the reason. Perhaps they've shortlisted enough guys
and on second thoughts don't wanna go through the hassle of checking
your condition (it's my guess).


Dear BT,

Thanks for your reply. It made me lose confidence to try again in future as evaluation can be really subjective and people are really treated not pleasantly.

Will give it a break for a moment.



Anonymous said...

What's wrong with SQ interviewers?

Anonymous said...

nothing is wrong . one doesnt have the x factor that SQ is looking for will never success.

I resigned! said...

And there is nothing wrong with you either!

So what?.. SQ is not a great employer too neither are they the only ones!

Re examine your purpose of joining
Re examine what other ways can you fufill your dreams

What is the one true and deep reason why you want to be with SQ?

There are so many ways to achieve your dreams as well as so many ways to serve another at 37,000 feet.

Your ability to be resourceful now is the same attribute required of a crew. If you are, there is a zillion other jobs that want you!

Its SQ's lost and not yours!

Trust me.. I have been inside for a long time.. and have left them.
Many, many times, your efforts go completely unacknowledged. In fact, they will say its expected of you!

Well dont be fooled. Others outside of STC will recognise your value more.

Anonymous said...

Just another Big loss for the company.

SQ desire to excel far exceed their desire for crew welfare and constructive critism.

Bad management!

Typical Stinkie mentality and attitude.

Other airlines worth a try.

Never give up hope!


Anonymous said...

dear BT,
what is review interview? i just don't get it when i saw some people came for that during my management round at STC last time..

Boh Tong said...

The review interview is probably for those who had some minor skin problem and who were shortlisted for the job. If the skin condition had improved they would be recruited.