Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not only sexually harrased but victimised too.

SP was a supervisor who thought he was god's gift to women. Although well built he had the looks of a crook. He wore a mustache which wasn't even approved by the company. He had strong connections in the office and could violate the house rules. His connections would turned a blind eye.

On a certain flight SP had a newly trained stewardess. Her name was Sue and was very nervous as it was one of her first few flights. SP zoomed in on Sue knowing she was new and scared. He touched her all over her body, on the pretext he was doing a grooming check. Sue did not feel comfortable with the grooming check SP did on her. She was afraid of SP but still resisted. SP gave up and threatened to report her to the office.
Indeed, SP submitted a bad work performance report on Sue.

On receiving the report, the cabin crew manager wanted to sack Sue. However, her ward leader came to her defence. The ward leader pointed out the past records of SP which was bad to the manager. This particular manager was new and did not know how bad a supervisor SP was. To cut a long story short, Sue was spared being sacked but had her probationary period extended by 6 months.

I stand by the above story because I know it was true. Sue still keeps in touch with me even though she had left the airline.


MOM said...

Is SP still flying?

Anonymous said...

Yes he is still flying and in fact his retirement contract is extended.

Anonymous said...

How come bad guy but still can win?
Sue should have charged him with molest.

Anonymous said...

In sia bad guys always win ask Sex C

Anonymous said...

What is there to talk about Sex C This chap has achieved what he set up from the day he joined the airline ! As J Caesar said "such men are dangerous "