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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Infidelity or cheating on partners by cabin crew

Infidelity (colloquially known as cheating) most commonly refers to a breach of the expectation of sexual exclusivity.
Infidelity can occur in relation to physical intimacy and/or emotional intimacy. The impact of infidelity is said to be not only about sex outside the relationship, but also about trust, betrayal, lying and disloyalty.Sexual infidelity by a marriage partner is commonly called  adultery, or an affair.
Please don't get me wrong when I say that there are quite a number of crew who cheat on their partners and spouses. In fact the majority are not the type and will not cheat.
Why am I blogging about this topic you may ask? Well, the answer is because I have received requests from a number of people (many were not cabin crew)for information regarding their partners' (male as well as female crew) rosters,movement,overseas hotel phone numbers where they were staying etc... They felt their partners were cheating on them especially when they were night stopping overseas.
Infidelity,adultery or cheating happen all the time and in many places. It  happen in offices between colleagues, between teachers and students (lately there were a few cases reported in S'pore) etc... In cabin crew it is more prevalent due to the environmental factor.
Working together in a confined area with close proximity like in an aircraft for long hours as well as staying in the same hotel at outstations with nothing much to do also help increases the number of infidelity amongst crew. Passengers chasing after the Balmain Kebaya clad girls are also common. There were many cases of girls ditching their office bound boy friends and some housing agents and "eloped" with their new and often wealthy passenger lovers. Pilots are equally guilty.
I understand a captain had to compensate his "out of this world " ( her name was Mercury or something like that) stewardess GF because his wife had discovered about their affair. He paid his GF about half a million SIN dollars for the break up.
Most felt insecure because their partners are crew and they are not. One emailed me asking whether it was possible for his stewardess girl friend to operate a flight a few hours later after she had arrived home from a long flight. As far as I know, the airlines do not overstretched or overworked their crew .  There is such a thing call "the minimum" rest period in between flights. The airlines are bound by law not to infringe on the "minimum" rest period of the crew. So in this case I suspect the stewardess was telling a lie to her partner when she claimed she had to operate a flight  a few hours after arriving home.
Some suspected their partners (crew)were cheating on them when the hotels they called told them there were no such crew staying in that hotels.
One colleague told me he suspected his wife was not being truthful to him because he was unable to contact her in her overseas hotel room in spite of the many calls he made. Later, I was told by a crew that my colleague's wife was seen with a Caucasian man throughout the duration of her night stop.
Most guys would lose their girl friends once they start to fly as stewardesses. There are many temptations out there eg. better looking men, financially well off men and many "wolves" or as we in cc call them "buayas" (Malay word for crocodile).
During training,a trainee stewardess of mine told us she was a virgin and will never leave her boy friend when she started flying. I told her she would probably be the first one in the class to leave her boy friend. She disagreed but on her first flight to the States, I was told she slept with a handsome leading steward who had broken many hearts in the past.
One foreign stewardess who was based here was running around with an American chap when she had a fiancee back home. She begged me not to tell her dad whom I knew about her American boy friend.
A trainee steward told me his non crew girl friend left him before he even started flying. She felt very insecure about him being a part of cabin crew.
Guys also had their fair share of infidelity. A female reader emailed me about her unfaithful pilot husband. Click here to read the email.
Like elsewhere, infidelity occurs all the time. Either you choose to close an eye to the wrong doings of your partner  or you leave him or her. It's so simple as that isn't it?


Anonymous said...

What is the prob? Boot her if you suspect she is cheating on you.

Anonymous said...

I lost my gf after she joined the airline. She ran away with a pilot. Ya I am devasted.

Anonymous said...

BT is the qualified man who can help u ppl in this dept !

IFS said...

Btw who is BT to help? He is out of the airline already and can't see how he could help these people. Pathetic people.

Anonymous said...

Btw I think BT is talking through his own experience mah ?

Anonymous said...

Poor BT kena from others just because he blogged about infidelity haha

shakil said...

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Unknown said...

Well cabin crew cheat... the rule is if you don't get caught it's ok..