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Sunday, January 1, 2012

My message to the ungratefuls : It cuts both ways

No doubt the wannabes paid for the lessons I gave them to get into the airlines as cabin crew. Agreed, not all attended my talks or bought my program got into the airlines. Here, I am talking about wannabes whose dreams had been realised and never once wrote a testimonial or say thank you. Many had written expressing their gratitude but there were some who simply refused to, even when asked. Maybe they have their reasons for not wanting to communicate with me anymore. I don't ask for gratitude or anything else but just a simple testimonial so I can post in my blog. This in turn will inspire the other wannabes not to give up hope even after their failure at the interview.
I know the relationship with my course participants are supposed to be professional and business like. It will always be, I can assure you.
These people have crossed the bridges and burnt them but they don't realise when they get into trouble I am not going to help them.
There were cases when some of them got into trouble during their stint with the airline. They asked me for help. Of course,I refused to help them. They should realised that their action or non action cuts both ways.
Of course if I am able to help I would charge them a fee and it's not gonna be cheap.
A foreign stewardess asked me for help when she ran foul of the law ( she was a buyer of my online program. Her father begged me to help her. Yes I did but I charged him a big fee for helping her by bailing her out and attending the court cases with her. She was lucky I did not inform the airline or she would be sacked.
Another stewardess after getting into the airlines cut off all contact with me. She got into a position where she left the airline and later asked me to help her get back the job. I refused to help.
Another girl who also left the airline in mysterious circumstances now wants to rejoin the airline. She paid and attended my talks so I would be able to assist her get back her job. The fee of $100 isn't sufficient.
There were some cases eg a guy who couldn't get his "dream" job even after 16 attempts. He passed the interview after some coaching from me. He was reluctant to email me a testimonial. One girl got in after 15 attempts and age was catching up with her. She paid up for my talks and at the next interview she got into SQ. Another  had failed many times before but after my coaching got in. Very happy and enthusiastic she called and promised to buy me a meal. After a while, I have not heard from her nor got a testimonial from her.
To those that I have mentioned, don't ask me to help if you run into trouble. Remember, you have all burnt the bridges behind you.


Anonymous said...

Boh Tong Happy New Year 2012!

All these wannabes are a Big Ungrateful lot!!!!!

This is to be expected.
Once they are selected they forget all about you.

So in future you should be more cautious.

They will meet their next challenges once they start flying.

Good luck to them and let them face their own Karma.


boh tong said...

May u have a great 2012 Karma!
Thank u for your support all these years.

S C Ng said...

"gratefulness" has never been part of CC mentality.

Wat u see is merely cosmetic wayang.
Maybe less than 10 people are truly sincere.

All have their own agendas.
How many of your batch will gather round and lend you support?
Not more than 1 right?

Furthermore, these are supposed to be your 'era'.. the so called 'seniors'

Fine example.

The minute you get into trouble everyone will avoid you like you have some dreaded desease.

A great way to fly

Anonymous said...

I would love to write you a testimonial and buy you a meal but I keep failing the interview... I really want the job so bad!

Anonymous said...

Mr bohtong.

Just want to say that you not sincere in giving a talk to this wannabe( I just don't understand why you call them wannabe??) cause you ask something in return. If you sincere you won't ask them to write you a testimonial. Obviously that you not professional at all in doIng your business. They paid what they ask from you.

Anonymous said...

"want to say that you not sincere in giving a talk to this wannabe( I just......."

BT as you are accused of being insincere & unprofessional I suggest that you don't need to coach them to be successful in their interview.


Boh Tong said...

Karma don't pay attention to those comments. You have always supported me and that's because I have always been fair to others.
That person who commented unfairly about me just missed the point ( think he/she must be a kid).
Thanks Karma, I wish I know your real identity so I can have a drink with you.
From all your comments in my blog I think you are the most reasonable person here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very very much!

Well I am just being honest with my opinion.

Most people have short memory.
Once they have achieve what they wanted, they forgotten how they got there. Whether or not through their own merit.

Neverthless BT one day you will be rewarded spiritually.


Anonymous said...

heyhey BT, why feel so bitter on this ppl. Everyone is made differently,so some may give u a response n some may not, n thats abt all n fullstop. why not u get to relax at the thought of ur success of having being able to help them with a dream career with the airlines! Just apreciate ur life of doing what u enjoy, and try not to gong gong urself to anger all the time for what value then? For no one is always right or no one is always wrong, everybody is created differently.

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous said...
heyhey BT, why feel so bitter on this ppl. Everyone is made differently....

BT: Fren maybe u r rite leh..dun get bitter but just enjoy wat i am doing hor...thanks for the wise advice....u sounded like my late

Daniel Kong said...
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AmAnDa said...

Cheer up, Boh Tong. I am not a stewardess but I love reading your blog entries. Well, there will always be ungrateful people around, but I am sure some of those whom you have coached and gotten into SIA successfully are thankful for your help. Keep on writing! =)

Boh Tong said...

Thank you for your kind words
AmAnDa...wish we have more people like you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you sound so bitter. Don't be lah, some will be grateful some won't. They paid money for your coaching already what. If they give testimonial, then good but they are not obligated to right.

It's like giving a pax superb service from boarding and when asked for compliment he refuse to give. You can't call that pax ungrateful right. After all, he paid for his flight and is expecting a good service.

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous said...
Hey, you sound so bitter....

BT: Dun compare us with the paxs lah. The wannabes are like my students. When the fail their interview they will "cry on my shoulders" and I will help them and some till they are successful. Chinese says "boh cheng"la simple as that.