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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beware of cheats,fraudsters and unqualified people...

I have noticed a couple of people claimed they were ex cabin crew over the internet as well as others whose websites implied they were also ex crew.
I have read some of their contents which were supposed to help the cabin crew hopefuls get their dream job. They are lacking in substance and also giving the wrong information.. I don't believe the writers were ex cabin crew. Some are selling their guides supposedly to help the innocent and naive wannabes. Others merely copied articles from other people's blog and my E-Guides.
I challenge these people who claimed they were ex cabin crew to put their photos in their websites/blogs.I would be able to know if they were from SIA or not.
To the wannabes I have this to say: Don't trust people who simply claim they were cabin crew and buy their guides or ask them for advice because they may give the wrong information and advice.


Anonymous said...

let them do they business la. why you so kaypoh. scared of competition ah??? you book not so good also.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah BT let there be competition la ! They may be from another airline.

Jean a successful wannabe said...

I would like to thank Bohtong for highlighting the crooks. I feel safe buying from Bohtong because he openly post his pics in his website.