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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cabin crew asking me for help??

"Boh tong sir you should help tony Sim he cannot deliver CA and doesn't know what to do.cabin crew is suffering and even his dogs are admitting that's things are not looking up.the CA is 12 months overdue.crew are resigning bcos the situation in the division is out of control.more punitive measures are introduced and the union has no power to stop.boh tong since you are so emotionally attached to cabin crew division you should swallow your pride and offer your assistance to this union who is lost and drained from their infighting.Alan tan cannot get involve bcos tony Sim is too afraid of him so I think you should step many of my colleagues are getting sacked for the smallest is walking all over cabin crew bcos this union is too powerless.Mr big tong pls help." 

Above was from (supposedly) a cabin crew. It's pathetic that cc is in such a shit. They don't heed my earlier advice not to vote for Tony and party to be their union reps. With Alan and Heart they would have been better off.
I can't help,that's for sure cos I am no longer part of cc. 
"swallow your pride" .... me swallowing my pride KNN??? Dun kid la. Hello ask Tony to kiss my ass first and then I see what I can do ok?
Btw I din noe that my name has been changed to Mr big tong.


Anonymous said...

Don't be proud big tong nobody needs you anyway.tony does not kiss anyone's ass.he is more than capable.

Anonymous said...

If tony is capable why is his member comes here and complained?

Anonymous said...

We thought Ben was bad but this moron is worst!

Eddy said...

If can't get the CA done then why employ Donkey Kong?

Anonymous said...

everyone is complaining about the non existence of this union...cabin crew lost so much in the meal allowance,no back pay for CA,the worst service increment ever,ppl getting sacked over small things and they are still bad mouthing each other and blaming each other for the delay in the least 7 in the commitee have resigned.continue to write to NTUC for re-election,just continue writing to them or write to MP or PM.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of this union committee by petitioning to NTUC. Get at least 1,000 members to sign the petition.

Anonymous said...

sure or not,someboby must start the ball rolling.i have done my part by writing to ntuc and seem to know the situation.

Anonymous said...

Tell tony sim to resign and everything is settled.

Union trained... said...

welocme to the REAL world of politics

Regardlless of union or government.

Do only way to win and win BIG is to have some dirt on the CEO or some SVP

Best of course is the CEO.. then.. wahlau!.. champion man!

Ask for free internet all across the world and free movies.. sure kenna wan!

So guys... start digging!!

Garuantee sure got dirt wan..
don't have?.. I will suck my own dick.. put on youtube.

Anonymous said...

This present union are fighting among themselves and fighting for promotions.they cannot be bothered with cabin crew but just themselves.resignations is at all time high.

Henry's best fren said...

ok,ok relax.. henry teo will be released soon.. sometime in 2016.
( 24 yrs sentence, 1/3 remission for good behaviour is 8 years,
sentenced in 2000 )

he can then share all the dirt.. maybe old dirt.. but still dirt hee! hee!

Anonymous said...

Union must talk better.

Like this:

Anonymous said...

better join the union as 2012 may see another round of R.

Hey Ghoondu!! said...

R= Retrench?

No way lah.. already so thin..
NPL maybe.. no pay leave but I dont think it will happen.

They kenna problem last time oready.
But the usual rumour mongrel will start just to instill fear into the hearts of those who have been depending on SQ to feed their lifestyle.. the couples, the ah kua
the L plates

The flying mommy who has to pay mortage and those too economicaly weak to stand on their own. ( which incidentaly means 99% of all crew.. inlcuding the drivers up front )

See? they belly smart one.. they choose people during interpiew who are salivating to get in,,, then after 5 years, 10 years all kenna snoook!

Join union? does not make any diff lah... no your IFA will begin to install the FEAR programme into your HDD.. all on the ball!!

Now.. who looks good? You or the manager?? hah! ha!

Anonymous said...

henry. welcome back