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Friday, January 27, 2012

Crew safety training

Above pics were taken from the internet. The are somewhat similiar to the facilities used in SIA,MAS and other airlines in terms of safety training for the crew. In all my years with the airline, I have gone through the procedures (recurrent training)umpteen times. To be precise, we have to renew our safety efficiency license once a year. Should the crew failed any of the test(repeatedly),they would not be allowed to fly. In the safety training for new as well as serving crew (pilots & cabin crew)we went thru fire fighting,operation of the slides for crash landing as well as ditching,the ability to rescue "passengers" in water as well, and first aid. For the newbies the whole safety courses would be about 2 weeks and for the yearly renewal for operating crew, 2 days. The course for the operating crew is to determine whether they are still current and fit to help passengers in case of emergency on board the flight. If they failed, they would be given a chance to repeat. On failing again,they would be "grounded" and go thru the 2 week course with the newbies.
BT: Gossips....all those 40 years, 1 life guard and 1 firefighter instructor had been accused of molesting 2 stewardesses while they underwent the courses with them. It's amazing because thousands of girls had undergone the training and in the early days, only donned swimsuits and bikinis and yet only 2 instructors were accused of molestation. Don't blame the instructors cos the girls were sexily clothed and most were young too. I can't remember what happened to the 2 instructors. Don't know whether they were found guilty or not.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Boh Tong,

Though this comment might me irrelevant to the post, I have a concern with regards to SIA training.

I have cleared all interview and medical rounds. However, with regards to starting training, I have made known to SIA that it will be best for them to allow me to start my training later as I have some issues to attend - of which I have told them about.

My concern is, would there be a possibility of me being rejected if the duration from the month that I have cleared my medical round to the training date is long?

Thank You.

Boh Tong said...

If the interval is too long they may reject you.