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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Edmond's treat at Indochine

Edmond Tay, our ex colleague gave us a treat at Indochine Restaurant Holland Village last night. He surprised us by inviting our long lost ex colleagues Chief Stewardess Cecilia and Check Stewardess Eunice. It has been 40 years since I last met Eunice and 10 years last met Cecilia. In the photos,there was Adrian Oei the distinguished looking gentleman, a former SilkAir cabin crew manager,Rodney a former Chief Steward, VJ,Edmond and myself.
We had a wonderful night reminiscing the past and look forward to getting more of the ex cabin crew to join us at our next function.


Ms Kay Poh said...

Uncle BT, why you go and wear horizontal stripe? Make you look round. But anyway, u still look handsome lah.

I also see a man with a goaty...he is the one with the baby face right?

Who is the man with the blue T shirt and who is the one with the checkered shirt?

VJ is the one in the first photo, right? That shot make him look like some Khmer rouge person, especially the picture is below the words "siem reap". So scary.....

Anonymous said...

BT, did you recognize Eunice? 40 years is a long time ago!

Anonymous said...

Hey BT..... not bad eh.
Your driver treated you and your car washer to a meal.
You must be a very good boss for your employee to treat you!
Your car washer must have done a good job too, such that the driver is so happy with him.

Anonymous said...

No lah.... i think the so called driver is the real boss.
The so called car washer is BT's client.
So BT is the coolie?

Boh Tong said...

Yes I recognised Eunice the moment I saw her last night.
Goaty = Edmond
Blue t shirt = Rodney aka Swanky
Checkered shirt = Adrian Oei
Me = stripe shirt = just bought ok.