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Friday, January 6, 2012

Free E- Guide for cabin crew hopefuls (CX & SQ)

Giving hundreds of free copies of the above guide to my readers last week has affected the sales of my Premium E-Guide. The sales has dropped by as much as 90% but I am not complaining.It's fine with me as long as I am able to help the cabin crew wannabes get their dream job.

The royalties for my book "Fasten Your Seat belts"  is due and I have also made $$$ on the "Talks"  on Boxing Day as well as the private coaching.

Tomorrow,Singapore Airlines will be conducting a cabin crew interview at Suntec Convention Hall. I wish the applicants success and if you do not get recruited, try again.

To those who has yet to receive a copy of my free E-Guide, please email me by clicking here.

In return for the free Guide I hope you could assist me by answering the 2 polls that are on the right side of this blog. If you have a facebook account I would be happy if you would "Like"  me.

Thank you very much.
boh tong

NB: In order to get a free copy of the E-Guide please participate in the polls/survey and inform me via email .


Anonymous said...

Why give dogs freebies?

Anonymous said...

plse dont call people dogs!