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Monday, January 9, 2012

He merely wanted sex from her.

A reader shares her story below:

I was reading the posts on your blog about Air Crew Romantic Liaisons.  They struck a cord with me so I'm sharing my story...

About 8 months into my stay in XX, I met T.  He's a cabin crew with Y Airlines.  Those days, I enjoyed socializing with locals and had a good social life.
It was during one of these social events where I met him.  Immediately, we began a tumultuous love affair.

As soon as it started, things began to go wrong.  T showed same behavior described by your readers-called up to another operate flight soon after a long flight, 
unusually long layovers, swapping flights with colleagues and working more hours than what seem to be humanly acceptable.  These behaviors are not limited to SIA crew hahaha...  
These behaviors encroached into our "dating life" because he'd cancel pre-arranged dates at the last minute, sometimes when I was ready and waiting for him to show up.
When he wanted to "see" me, it was at his convenience.  He'd show up at my apartment at odd hours for booty call.  At that time, I was working regular office hours but I was silly enough to let him have his cake and eat it too.  I even received unsolicited phone calls, SMSes and emails from other women in his life calling me a bitch and slut. 
I'm sure you can figure out this chap wasn't looking for a relationship, it was sex he was after.  However, I was choose to turn a blind eye to the reality in front of me.

I love XX dearly and I dreamt of settling down there with a home and someone special in my life-to have some semblance of a family of my own.  
I was so caught up in my "dream", I made such a poor judgement of character.  
When I resigned from my last XX-based company because of internal problems, I was offered other promising job opportunities.  I realised that my opportunity cost for remaining in XX was far too high-missing out on my family, friends and future in Singapore.  Furthermore, the prospect of fulfilling my XX dream was bleak.
That was when I made the firm decision to end things once and for all with T, return to Singapore and pursue my childhood dream of becoming a MMM.  

In all, I wasted 1 year with T but I take it as a good lesson learnt.  I've given up my MMM dream but what I got in return more than makes up for it.


Pilot said...

BT,I would love having her as my GF. Is it possible you give me her contact please?

boh tong said...

Pilot u "tan ku la" hehehe

Anonymous said...

bt got another story about cabin crew. all the story is about sex sex sex...he is pervert.....

Anonymous said...

Not every OLD cow gets to eat young grass !