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Thursday, January 5, 2012

SCOOT is recruiting cabin crew

Keen to be part of Scoot's cabin crew? Then it's time to start seeing things differently! You could apply to be part of the team in just 3 simple steps: STEP 1 Make a 30-second introductory video of yourself. STEP 2 Get ready your résumé and a full-length photo of yourself. STEP 3 Upload the video, résumé and photo on before 13 Jan 2012. No experience? No worries! If we like what we see, you'll be invited to our upcoming recruitment event. Remember, your video has to be filled with Scootitude™. So if you've got it, show us!


So Sad said...

I want to apply but dont know how to video or upload it to Scoot.

Boh Tong said...

In this new technological age u ought to know how to video and upload my young fren otherwise u would lose out.

Anonymous said...

HORRIBLE looking uniform! Whoever design the uniform simply got no sense of fashion.