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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweating and toiling for every penny.

Met a senior steward Tim (not his real name) this afternoon at a coffee shop. He was alone,drenched in the heavy monsoon rain. He placed his crash helmet on one of the vacant chairs. So I thought he must be riding a motor bike and couldn't continue his journey because of the inclement weather. He lit a cigarette and as he started to smoke he took out his mobile phone and made a call. I let him finished his phone call and tapped him on his shoulder.Tim was surprised to see me. The last time we spoke was about ten years ago. We recognised each other and shook hands. I got him a cup of coffee and we started to talk. As you may know, our conversation was about lives in the airlines. I had left the airlines about eight years ago and it was nice to meet someone who could tell me what's going on in cabin crew. From the stories Tim told me I could tell there was helluva lot that's going on in cabin crew. As he related to me the stories of how hard he had to work to support his kids, I felt sorry for him. I could see the sadness in his eyes as he related the life he was going through. Life isn't as good as when I was there. It's an "in" thing for most people all over the world to work harder to survive these days as compared to the past. Resources are in short supply everywhere and there are more inhabitants. The cost of living is rising with each day and people's earnings are being eroded by this thing call inflation.This is a hard fact of life. Tim became more calm as he inhaled the smoke from his cigarette. As he sipped his coffee,he became more talkative. Tim told me about the various incidences of crew getting into trouble. Tim related to me about a chief steward who drank so much alcohol that he began to abuse a couple of stewardesses during one of the night stops in the Middle East. He also broke a couple of the hotel bar glasses. Since the hotel security could not handle the situation, the local police was asked to help. The case was reported to the company and now the steward is awaiting a disciplinary enquiry. If found guilty of misconduct and bringing the airline into disrepute, he could be fired.
There was another case of a chief steward who was charged for upgrading his colleague to a higher class during her positioning as a passenger. In addition, this chief steward was also charged for molesting a junior stewardess. Not to jump the gun but I think his days with the airline are numbered.
Tim also talked about a steward who went to his ex-girlfriend's department and  create a scene. The manager was furious and lodged a report with the cabin crew division. The case is still pending and if found to be guilty of the charge, he would probably be demoted to a lower rank.
Tim also told me about other cases of misconduct and he said there would be more to come.
I asked Tim why there were so much misconduct amongst the crew. His answer was " they were frustrated and overworked" .
I told him to take it easy and don't create any mischief . He also loves alcohol and over indulging might get him into serious trouble during his night stops.
He was a little more positive when I told him that I heard William Koh is now the head of cabin crew. He could be another "Yap Kim Wah"  who lifted up the morale and spirit of the cabin crew when everyone else failed in the 1980s.
Good luck Bill and I hope to hear more positive news from the crew about the situation in cabin crew. May the year of the Dragon bring good tidings for the airline as a whole.


Anonymous said...

The steward who went to his ex-girlfriends dept to create a scene, just got paxed back from TYO coz he missed his call time and was drunk.

As for the CS on CI for molesting a junior FSS, he was informed of the incident after landing and shown the VR. The IA, James (not his real name), who reported the incident is experienced with this type of case after having kissed a 1st solo girl in Rome's Holiday Inn hotel lift many yrs ago.

He was fortunate to get away with it after ex-IFS Porky Pig intervened and settled the case after James cried and begged for forgiveness in Porky's room. Porky chided James for doing this especially when his wife was expecting their first child.

Anonymous said...

case of pot calling the kettle black,,,

Anonymous said...

It is quite common to see these kind of crew who are too big for their shoes. They should learn their lesson the hard way. Don't use the convenient excuse of work stress to misbehave. Lose your job and you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Sober up before alcohol ruins you.

BJ Kuan said...

Too bad.

Lots of Romeos during BT days..
"farmer's daughter" case LON
"japanese fss" case TPE

Many more.. drunk in TPE
drunk in AKL
drunk in MEL

all got away scot free.. some even more than once! and even can sit on disciplinary panel!! what a joke!

So.. too bad this one got caught.. no guardian angel..

Its, ok.. there are plenty other jobs outside of rosters and crew bunks..

Many other girls outside of SQ are having fun with this & that.. just that the gals in SQ are actually encouraged to fault find anyone who resembles a male pig.