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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why people visit this blog?

People come here for various reasons. The majority comes here to read my stories especially about lives in SIA. Out of this group, many like to read about sexy and juicy stories of crew and passengers. Some of this people were disappointed because not all the stories here are about sex. 
The second group are mostly crew,both cabin and technical. They are most likely the ones who would leave a comment or two. To them I would like to say a big thank you ( does not matter if the comments are bad or good cos if bad uncle would straightaway delete them...hehehe, advantage to McEnroe)! 
Another group are usually the cabin crew hopefuls, you know the ones who die die also want to join SIA as stewards and stewardesses. They would trawl the Internet  looking for free advices and free e-guides to assist them pass the cabin crew interview. To this group, I have this to say to them: Freebies can't really help much. Free advices and guides as well as lessons uploaded on YouTube won't help much. To those wannabes whose chances are above average I suppose all those freebies may help a little. If you have an above average chance of passing the cc interview you actually don't need much help. But then how does one knows whether he or she has an above average chance? What is your yard stick or shall I say by whose or what standard are you using to measure yourself?
This is where the experienced and knowledgeable ex cabin crew interviewers come in. Don't go and get advices from those "mmm sum mmm sei"(Cantonese saying meaning the unqualified types)self proclaimed experts. Don't even think of buying their so called guides or books or programs. You would probably be confused or given the wrong information.
Ok Ok it not just the cc wannabes I want to talk about here.
The next group of visitors to my blog are the airline management people. They appointed one or two officers in the office to monitor what I blog. They aren't just kaypos but serious about the contents of my blog. Given half the chance, they wanna sue me if I defame them or the airline. Alamak "tan ku la" cos uncle don't anyhow talk cock. What I post here would be backed by evidence or witnesses (of course la a few had already kicked the bucket).... aiya I have to stop here cos uncle so busy... so many phone calls and sms to answer leh....byeeee


LinCH said...
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Stories From The Air said...

You should have a forum.

boh tong said...

aiya as if i am so time to blog here is good enough la.

Anonymous said...

Use to have a Forum but close shop due to super low traffic and posting.

Anonymous said...

hopefully ur comment/blog here can help the clear the situation facing by the cc in SIA.