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Friday, February 24, 2012

Defamatory remarks in blogs.

Wah these few days it was reported in the ST that a few bloggers almost kena sued by PM Lee and his brother Lee H.Y. for the defamatory remarks left by the readers in their blogs/website. Luckily there was no actions taken hor except for the few lawyer letters sent to the bloggers demanding  the remarks and posting that allegedly defamed the 2 brothers be deleted. The bloggers kwai kwai (obediently) deleted the remarks and so the case was more or less settled.
Ya, I dun want to be in the same situation even though my blog is the kuching kurab (small fart) type. Better delete than be served lawyer letters hor.
Actually, I have disabled the comment space in my blog. Ya gone la all those comments people have written earlier.
If you still wanna to comment you may click here or the above space and go to another blog. But please ah dun anyhow say about people ok?

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