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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ex stewardess Jean my trainee.

Jean,a sweet young lady was one of my trainees whom I will always remember. I remember her lovely and warm smiles. I can still remember when I hesitated to hold her while taking a photo shot,she pulled me closer to her and held my arm. I regret losing that photo of ours. I wish I still have that photo with me....*sigh*
Jean was about 20 when she joined SIA. Upon graduation from the course and flying her solo flight for the first time, she was presented a LV cabin bag from her step dad, she told me. I was happy for her. 
We didn't keep in touch after her graduation as we were busy with our lives. Then one day I saw her picture in the obituary page of the Straits Times declaring she had died in that horrible Silkair plane crash. Jean died as a passenger on that flight from JakartaIndonesia to Singapore, on 19 December 1997. 
Jean left behind her 6 year old daughter and husband Larry.

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Anonymous said...

I remember Jean....she was my basic batch girl back in was sad......she was the only child....

Stories From The Air said...

Sad, sad, I agree. Yet all have to go....its a matter of time.

Sad is what we think only. Fortunately.