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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I won't take offence

Sometimes we get frustrated over things like our jobs,bosses,spouses etc and we can't just any how let go cos we may offend people.
If we blog about our true feelings about them, we may kena sued.
In Japan, there are employers who allow their employees to "bash" them up to let go their frustration. It can be in the form of throwing darts at the bosses or kick their asses till they get bleeding piles and so on and so forth. No la, I mean the bosses allow them to do this on paper and not physically  harm them. The employees may draw  pictures of their bosses,paste them on the wall and throw darts at them. In this manner, the bosses feel their employees can get all their frustration off their chest and work better after that.
There was one exception though where my boss (svp) made my manager his punching bag. The svp ( maybe now 6 feet underground) suffering from andropause (male version of menopause) was an irritable man. He shouted at his subordinates if he was in a bad mood. Many showed their displeasure when shouted at or scolded. However, there was one manager who would take the shouting and scolding with his tail behind his back. He would apologised to the svp profusely even he did nothing wrong. Poor manager cos at home also kena bullied by his wife. He once told me "if the boss say black is white,you agree with him even if he was wrong and so you don't get into see" . Poor balless manager.
Coming back to my main topic,you may say or comment anything about me and I will graciously accept them. Only thing is I reserved the right to delete the comments that I dun like...hehehe. Advantage BT la. Dun worry I won't sue like some people la. Life is too short to sue or get angry.
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