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Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's sad SIA has come to this stage.

The days of glory for this airline in terms of superiority and profitability has almost come to an end. Gone are the days when it was ranked as having the best service and best cabin crew as well as one of the most profitable airlines in the world. 
I admit I do not know much about the performances of other divisions in SIA but I can tell you about cabin crew. 
Why has the inflight service been declining? Main reason is the airline is not recruiting the people with the right attitude. It's extremely difficult to get the right people for the job because this generation of young people are mostly materialistic and spoilt. They have maids at home to serve their every needs and their parents showered them with all the worldly items like money,iPhone,iPads, computers etc etc. So why would they want to work hard? Yet they still want to be cabin crew so they can have fun and get paid well. This generation is not hungry anymore especially the Malaysian and Singaporean crew. Worst still, they want a huge pay rise as well as not having to work too hard. They want everything to their advantage but aren't willing to give.
The other point I want to make is the management staff are also the same as the crew. They also lack cabin crew experience and I wonder how could they empathise with the crew and the passengers. Cost cutting and taking punitive measures against their crew for petty wrong doings are of primary importance to them. Having the wrong middle management people is also a big mistake. There are currently a few remnants of the now defunct check trainer rank running the affair in the office contributed to this pathetic state. These staff are hated by the crew in general. They are of the older generation who only knows how to use the whip but never the carrot. 
I wish I am there to help but I can't because the people in the office do not want  to face the truth. I will tell the truth even though the truth hurts. I have done it before but it fell on deaf ears. Just like the convicted office supervisor Henry Teo who had told his superior about the loophole in the accounting procedure. It fell on deaf ears and in the end Henry exploited the weakness of the system and swindled the company millions of dollars.
As SIA's profit is down so badly,my advice to the staff is to hold back your quest for asking more money and less work. Anyhow, the union is weak and so the company do not have to concentrate on bargaining with it. Just go ahead and put on the thinking cap and come up with solutions to help SIA regains it glory again.


Stories From The Air said...

You can start a Boh Tong's Ideas In Action form.

Insider trade said...

Crew on board can only do so much.

Eventually its policies and management's priorities that influence the morale, motivation and inspiration. It is doable.

Good service requires genuine support from authority and a climate of sincerity. Here, we have lots of authority from middle managers.. the missing link is sincerity.

With the current group.. its not going to happen. ( Hairy & Seth?? )
and some others are just clinging on for dear life.. no where else to go but the mock up... thats why there is a cock up.

Stories From The Air said...

Why do you think the Tiger Air guy is back in SQ?

Anonymous said...

Cos he din turn the company around.

Stories From The Air said...

I thought he is in SQ to help.

Anonymous said...

no lah... how to become number 1 when whast Insider Trade said is true...
The so called AMs are the worst lot.. Old and only keep blaming crew for all the mistakes. They believe that no one can touch them. SVP,Managers can chang but they are typical IRON BOWL behaviour. Lets be honest WHAT HAVE THEY DONE that has benefited crew or SIA.. NOTHING.. ALL talk and total arrogancy in their behavior and approach towards crew.
Let us do a UFS on them .

Anonymous said...

We hoping for additional years to' s so hopeless now......the blame is on Choice........are they a better choice....definitely the wrong CHOICE