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Monday, February 27, 2012

She is my kind of student

Helen comes from a wealthy family. She is pretty and tall. She had won many beauty contests but one thing that evaded her was the post of a stewardess. She observed many less prettier girls than her were able to get into SQ.
For a start, Helen thought she should try going for the walk in interview with Silkair. She thought getting into Silkair was a piece of cake but she was shockingly wrong. She was booted out in the first of the several rounds of the interview. Dejected, Helen searched the internet to see whether there was anyone or courses available that could help her.
She found someone whom she thought would be capable of helping her be a stewardess. There was where she found me.
I invited her for a 3 hour talk which I would usually conduct before an interview. Helen politely told me she would feel more comfortable if I could accord her the one on one private coaching. She was willing to pay a handsome fee. I agreed and we met a week later.
I was taken aback by the beauty and wonderful mannerism Helen possessed.
She was sweet and unassuming. Coming from a rich family did not make her a spoiled brat. I coached her for almost 3 hours.
The week after our meeting,Helen went for the SIA cabin crew interview at Sheraton Tower. To her surprise, she passed all the 4 rounds of interview. Got through her medical and immediately she was invited to start training with SIA.
There was one problem though. Helen was forbidden to join SIA as a stewardess by her family. Her dad thought it was not a proper job for Helen.To be a stewardess is demeaning to her wealthy family.
The family wanted to disown her should she insist on becoming a stewardess. Her credit cards,Mercedes car and monthly allowance of 15 k would be withdrawn, warned her dad.
Helen was sad and cried when she spoke to me. She asked me for advice and I told her she ought to listen to her dad. Finally,she declined the post.
I was happy for Helen as I don't want her to be disowned by her family. I told her being a stewardess was not easy. The job is demanding and a lot of kowtowing to do. Passengers weren't that nice and it's difficult to please them.
Helen always address me as her "shifu" (master or teacher in Chinese). Even till today, she still keeps in touch with me.
2 days ago, Helen sms me from Tokyo asking whether she could buy something from Japan for me and my wife. I thanked her.
Helen would once a while invite me and my wife for a meal at a restaurant of our choice. She would foot the bills,courtesy of her father.
I feel proud to be a friend of Helen who is very kind and generous.
I hope she reads my post.

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