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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stories from pioneer stewardess Eunice.

It was a pleasure meeting and having a chat with Eunice last week. Eunice was an ex stewardess from the Malaysia Singapore Airlines era. She left MSA 2 months before the airline split (SIA & MAS) in 1972. I remember Eunice vividly as she was an excellent crew. She was all the while very pro passengers and would exceed passengers' expectation of the service. Sometimes, Eunice would be chided by her seniors for going that extra mile and accused her of  "spoiling the market".
We have not met each other for at least 41 years. She still looks the same except for the little wrinkles you would see in a 70 years old lady. Of course, Eunice was a little fatter now as compared to when she was in her late 20s. 
The surprised meeting was an arrangement organised by ex colleague Edmond Tay who is currently working for Lotus Limousine. Present at the dinner cum chit chat session were Wijay, Adrian Oei, Rodney Wee, ex chief stewardess Cecilia and I.

Here are a few stories Eunice related to us while she was a young stewardess back in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

1) Eunice was a newbie stewardess and she witnessed her expat captain limping into the cockpit. Eunice after introducing herself to the captain asked what was wrong with his leg to which he told her he had a wooden leg. Eunice was quietly shocked to hear the reply. She was wondering it was safe to have a captain flying the plane with a wooden leg. "What happen if there is an emergency?" Eunice thought to herself...."wow scary man, I sure don't wanna fly with this disable pilot" Eunice told herself.
The co-pilot during the flight asked Eunice for a glass of cold water so he could put his one of defective eyes into the glass and get it washed. Eunice was puzzled at reason for the request. "Damn what kind of pilots we are having on this flight?" she asked herself.
On arrival at Singapore, Eunice who was already quite traumatized by the state of her pilots decided not to take anymore chances. She went straight to the office and requested that she should not be rostered to fly with those 2 pilots.
Her manager and the office staff burst out laughing. "Please don't take it lightly because I am scared to fly with disabled and unfit pilots" she told her manager. "Come, come Eunice, the pilots were pulling a fast one on you" her manager told her and couldn't stop laughing. "These 2 pilots did the same to other new stewardesses so just relax ok?" another office staff told Eunice.

2) On one of Eunice's first few flights, a flight engineer commanded her to flush the aircraft toilet every 15 minutes so the plane could keep on flying. She was told if she ever stop flushing the toilet, the plane would take a dive and bad things would happened. 
Eunice was so very terrified that she kept flushing the toilet every 15 minutes during the whole flight. 
Her senior colleague, another stewardess couldn't help laughing at the naive Eunice but finally told her the engineer was playing a joke on her.

The next story was not about flying but about the casino in S'pore.

Eunice paid 2k for a whole year entry into one of the casinos here. She spends her free time playing the slot machines. During the last Chinese New Year holidays she told us she spent 40 hours in a stretch in the casino. Her maid had to bring her clean clothes for her to change. She did not tell us whether she made any money or not. But she loves spending time playing the machines.
There was an occasion when the casino security people apprehended her for picking up $80 worth of other players chips and exchanging them for cash.
When interrogated, she explained that she did not mean to cheat. She found the chips and thought it was ok to cash them. Anyhow, no action was taken against her as they believed her story.
In the same interrogation room, she saw a Chinese national being acussed of stealing $60 worth of chips. He could not repay the money as he had lost them at the gaming table. Eunice took pity on the man and volunteered to pay on his behalf. It would be a crime if the man was charged in court and found guilty. Eunice saved the poor man from being convicted.

BT: I used to know the younger Eunice who did not smoke,gamble nor drink. Today, at 70 years she does all 3. She claimed she is old and and want to enjoy herself by indulging in those so called hobbies.


Stories From The Air said...

Is she still impressionable?

Boh Tong said...

Do u know her? Well she is 70 but still sprightly.

Stories From The Air said...

Don't know her.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm just curious...

Is it true that last time Sultan of Brunei proposed marriage to one of the SQ pioneers, Norma Wahab?

Heard she's one of the most beautiful and popular SQ girl during that time, together with Kalsom Hashim.

Anonymous said...

Not Norma la. It's Laili Hamid ex IFSs.

Anonymous said...

Stories From the Air said "Don't know her." Of course lah. You were not born yet.

Stories From The Air said...

Did she miss out on one other thing which she is probably too old now to indulge in?

Just joking, I am sure she does mind.

Boh Tong said...

wah lau old lady u aso want ah?

Stories From The Air said...

Wah lau, why u removed my last post. It was a correction on the last sentence in the post above ur last one.

I was saying,"Just joking, I am sure she doesn't mind.

Anonymous said...

BT, have you flew with Susan Han Soo Jin before? Heard dat she is Chief nw. How is she like?

boh tong said...

No i nebber flew with susan before.