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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tales from a stewardess.

Is it really Sex In-the Air up there?
For me, it's a NO.

To be honest, I hardly get hit on by crew. (Perhaps this might answer one commentor's question about whether I am too chio to publish my picture? =)

Usually they just ask a couple of questions, give a few compliments, see that I am not biting their bait, and move on. So in this regard, I definitely think that the company has been gravely misunderstood by the public. Especially people like my dad (can refer to my initial posts.. haha).

Having said that though, I have heard some raunchy stories from other crew (first hand, or otherwise). So here they are:

"There was once when this steward walked into the first class galley and saw the leading stewardess talking with her male supervisor. The only percularity was that she was leaning forward with her elbows on her knees, and her legs were spread wide apart. And let's just say she wasn't decked in Jeans and T-shirt."

"One of my colleagues has been regularly harrassed by her male supervisor. They met on a flight and went out together and he somehow talked his way into her room where she ended up being pinned on the bed and kissed. When I heard that, I was horrified and told her she had the right to file a complaint. Unfortunately, she didn't. Since then, this man has been calling her (yes, she gave him her no.) and trying to obtain her roster so that he can change flight to fly with her."

He is married with 2 kids. She is 19.

"Another girl I heard, had a chief show up at her room door in the middle of the night in London and pound on her door incessantly, demanding his love for her and insisting she entertain him that night. They had not met prior to that flight. When she, terrified and alone, simply kept quiet and waited till the storm passed, he finally left. But of course, she was assigned to work in business class on the way back to Singapore ie. with the chief. The man bombarded her throughout the flight and even went into the toilet she was servicing and closed the door, then proceeded to hug her and squeeze her breasts."

I don't think anything was done about this issue as I still see this chief walking around in uniform.

"This story I heard recently from a colleague. This stewardess with a particularly ample bosom was working in the galley with a steward. Whilst conversing, she noticed that the steward's eyes kept shifting between her face and her breasts. Either frustrated or turned on (nobody will every know), she said "You want to see is it?? You want to see I'll show you!" and proceeded to unzip her uniform to reveal her cleavage to the jaw-hanging and extremely lucky steward."

Ok, enough stories for today.

All I can say is this. More often than not, we are responsible for our own safety and well-being. I don't think it is necessarily safe to engage in harmless flirting that could potentially have this person in you room or hijacking you around the plane.

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