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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Retired IFS Heng, a kohyok man now ( medicine man)

Heng on your right and unkle left side

Bottles of ointment

Ex- IFS Heng is a Chinese martial arts (kung fu) exponent. He is 65 years old and still active in martial arts. Besides practising martial arts, Heng also gives massages to those who has backaches,muscle aches etc. He has given hundreds of free massages to his ex colleagues as well as many Filipino maids. Best of all he does not charge them a single cent. He also makes ointment for muscle injuries as well as sprains,internal injuries,insect bites etc.
I met up with this affable ex colleague of mine because my wife who is a great believer in Chinese medicine needs the ointment for her injured knee. It works on her injury but she has run out of supply.
We met at Hougang Heartland Mall Toast Box and drank kopi. Heng lives nearby.
Heng gives the ointment and massages free of charge. At one time he would make 400 bottles of the ointment. He told us he has taught his daughter how to prepare this special ointment to carry on his tradition even after his demise.
I suggested helping him market his expertise and products by creating websites for him and make some money but he declined. He simply wanna to do it for free.
Thank you Mr. Heng and may God Bless You.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i think its really nice of you to do such website to help aspiring flight attendants. If i get this job, i would buy
You lunch every month, not saying that you cannot afford but i would just like to have a monthly meet up with you. I havent bought your kit yet though. I have a question to
Ask you, do we have to hand in our certs lile diploma
Degree to them or they just glance through? Do
They refer back
To the school?

SQ said...

u hv to submit a copy but bring e original certs bcos they may want to see too.

Anonymous said...

Then what do they normally do with the certs? Verify it by calling the school? I also have another question, my cousin only had 4 o level credits being english b3 and the other 3 subjects are all distinction. But only 4 credits instead of the requirement 5, in your opinion, will
The interviewers consider her?

SQ said...

If hv doubts abt ur cert they will verify with MOE. Ur cousin does not meet the qualification. Pls don't post anymore questions here as this is not the place.

Anonymous said...

Is he also known as ah peh heng?

Boh Tong said...

Yep he is that famous ah pek heng in sia cc.