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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some crew's wives

There was a captain's wife who thought her husband was such a big shot that she would literally pushed the cabin crew around whenever she flew with us.
There was an occasion where she showed her displeasure because the crew reassigned a first class revenue passenger next to her. She took the crew to task and to make it worse, she complained to my manager about the crew. Mind you this woman travelled in the first class free of charge.
She won't even have eye contact with the crew serving her. Apparently she did not have the opportunity to meet the late Mrs. Lee Kuan Yew and learn some good manners and humility from her.
Another case was the wife of  my colleague. She was so fierce that her husband would tremble whenever she raised her voice.
One day, I answered her phone call (in the office). She was surprised I answered the call instead of my colleague (her husband). She was mad at me for answering the call as she was expecting her husband to answer. She screamed at me  and told me " Jim (not his real name) is supposed to standby next to the phone and answer my call and where the hell is he"? Politely I told her I was not her husband's keeper. She slammed down the receiver. Can you imagine what happened to my colleague when he got home that evening? 
Note: Can you imagine what she would have done to Jim if she found he  was having an affair with her ex-trainee stewardess.?
Another colleague of mine ( not airline staff but prison officer) had hot water poured over him by his wife while he was asleep. She found out he was visiting some prostitutes.
Another crew's wife eloped with her lover leaving behind two young children with her husband.
One innocently thought his wife had given birth to a baby belonging to him. Years later, he found out the daughter was not his but someone else's.
I heard one of my manager's wife would make him knelt on durian skin if he dared "look" at another woman.
One of my colleauges made a stewardess pregnant and brought her home. His wife co-lived with the pregnant stewardess but on condition she gave up her child to her and her husband(the couple was childless).
There are numerous other stories but I think the above would suffice.

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