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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why is SQ recruiting cabin crew so often?

The present turnover rate for cabin crew is very high. During my time it was about 1%.Today, it's around 2% which means an average of 140 crew (the number of cc today is 7,000) leave the airline every month. There are various reasons for this high turnover. It could be due to some wanting to go for further studies, girls who want to be mothers, some sacked and others tired of flying etc etc.

Now we understand why SIA is recruiting so very often (once every month in SIN alone). It's not that the airline could not get the numbers but it is being selective. Thousands would queue for the job at Sheraton Tower or Suntec City every time SIA advertises a walk-in interview. It's good to be selective but that means the number joining would be smaller and slower.

Talking about being selective, I met a Japanese girl who was in SIN for the interview. She passed all the rounds of interview only to be booted out by the staff in Japan a month later. In my opinion, she would make an outstanding stewardess but somehow, the Japanese staff who re-interviewed her in Osaka told her they would prefer her not to go to SIN for the interview. If that be so then WTF invited "suitably qualified females" from overseas to attend the interview here?

Being selective also means the present crew would have to make up for the shortages. In short, the crew are working harder and with fewer days off. No wonder the high resignation rate.
The stewards are now employed under a 5 year contract just like the stewardesses. It started in 2004 and this is a great disincentive for the boys to carry on working after their first 5 year contract. They see no future in carrying on working for the airline.
The cost cutting measure is also taking a toll on crew morale. Take for example the number of hotels they were staying overseas had been downgraded. I don't blame the company for cutting cost. It has to do it in order to survive in this competitive world. But it is the degree of the cost cutting measure that we are asking.
Many airlines did not survive even after resorting to cost cutting. So the question is whether severe cost cutting is the main option to save the airline or to let it be more profitable?
My answer is a definite "No" if it affects the morale and performances of the staff.


Anonymous said...

do also wrong, dont do also wrong

Anonymous said...

SIA is getting more artificial nowadays

Anonymous said...

People realize later that not a good place to work.

No more service what other airlines talk about.

I rather fly other carriers.


boh tong said...

Dun be like that la Karma. SIA is still a good place to work with except for a few asses.

Anonymous said...

more and more unreasonable demand from senior crew.

black and white EY we are supposed to put the warming cabinet and the bread not supposed to be warm but just need to be un-chilled. this LS peronally SUGGEST me to move the bread to the empty oven and heat. I am puzzled n just out of curious asked why?

He answered, you shouldnt ask why. it looks good on you as you seems doing something.

so what's the point here? we are not robot, i am not here to listen or pretend do something for the sake of doin it. this seems no point and waste my effort to take out my nicely arranged bread into the oevn.

classic example of do also wrong, dont do also wrong.come on.

Anonymous said...

Crew are underpaid and overworked.
The wages have been stagnant for the past 10 years, while the airfares have increased tremendously. Bloody coporate GREED, management pple only interested in KPIs and profits of shareholders. Many senior crew are leaving, they had enuff of this shit. no wonder the SQ gals are getting uglier and the service have been dropping. They resort to recruiting foreigners from malaysia thailand, china, india, taiwan and maybe vietnam soon.. All of them are offered LOCAL CONTRACT which are the same as your LOCAL singaporean gal.. which singaporean gal wants to join, work like dog, pay like peanuts. CEO Goh better wake up and help us cabin crew..

Anonymous said...

opps sq offering no pay leave for pilots ...

Anonymous said...

I had enough of those shits and i left last mth. Finally :D