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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Of incompetent colleagues and ball carriers.

There were very few ex colleagues and bosses in my former work place who earned my respect. Most were wayang kings & queens who would do anything to portray themselves as capable and dedicated workers to get promotion and double salary increment. Many also were ball carriers who would stoop very low to do anything to be in the good books of the bosses. I had been there for 35 years before I opted for early retirement in 2003 and so I know what I am talking about.
Take for example, one would produce volumes of reports after a flight,outdoing all to impress his superior. What he actually did was to copy most of our reports and added to his,thereby producing a lengthy report. When I dug the dirt and showed his assistant manager, I was told "it does not matter as long as your report is long it shows you are actually working hard". This ex colleague got double increment most of the time.
Another one would send hampers of liquor,chocolates etc every Christmas and Chinese New Year to all his bosses. He would give ang pows to their children for birthdays and CNY. He was promoted swiftly after becoming a cabin crew executive.
There was another, this time a manager who karaoked and paid the bills for his big boss. He was also promoted very quickly.
One would invite his bosses to his house for makan kechil at the slightest excuse. Today he is sitting comfortably as a mini boss.
Balls carrying is common in most work place but I have never seen more in my previous 3 work places than in SIA cabin crew.

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