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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Web of conspiracy pt. 2

Some male passengers lack what we in cc termed as "class". Because they wanna sleep with the stewardesses they will go out of their way to do anything for them. Some of these classless and unprincipled male paxs would stoop very low to falsely complain against the crew when asked to do so by the stewardesses they wanna bed.
The instigators of the complaints were usually girls who were either upset with their seniors or colleagues regarding personal or work related issues. The male paxs were ball-les  guinea pigs made used of these cunning bitches.
I am not saying there are many of those type of stewardesses. It is a small minority but they existed during my time as well as now.
These bitches will tempt the hungry saliva drooling male paxs with their bodies and get them to do silly things. What a shame!
There was a story of a married supervisor whose stewardess mistress thought she could make use of to gain favour on their flights. His nickname was Encik (Malay term for mister).
On one occasion Encik's mistress was so upset with him for not favouring her over the crew's work position that she complained to the company she was molested by him. Of course, the case was quashed for lack of evidence. To most of us in cc, we salute Encik for having the balls to refuse favouring his own mistress.
Some years ago, a first class regular Canadian pax complained against me, instigated by a Lss. This Lss was corrected by me for being lazy on a previous flight. I heard that Lss returned the favour by sleeping with him in Vancouver where we nightstoped.
Fortunately, my boss after a thorough investigation believed I was being victimised. Eventually,the Lss's contract was not renewed not just because of what she did to me but also because she had a bad work record.


Anonymous said...

Can you write about 747?

Boh Tong said...

I can do a write up about the B747 but the newspaper can do a better job ( today's Straits Times has one)