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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why many cabin crew wannabes can't make it at next Saturday's interview?.

Some are too quiet while others talk too much. Many are nervous and stammer because they are unprepared. Most are irritants as far as the tired and worn out interviewers are concerned.
One must remember the interviewers conduct interviews almost every other weekend. Who really want to work on weekends huh? The interviewers slot their guts out on weekdays and now have to face the uninteresting and boring wannabes on weekends.
See you got to be different from the stereo typed of applicants. You got to be interesting in almost every aspect that will make the interviewing process more fun and different for the interviewers. Your success will depend on how you please or delight your interviewers. After all the job of a flight attendant is to please and humour the passengers.....isn't it right?
It's not too bad if the interviews are being held overseas like Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul etc. The interviewers will be in a better mood if are in the foreign countries. Why you may ask me? It is because the interviewers can go shopping in between interviews, travel first class, stay at five star hotels and get paid allowances,courtesy of the suckers airline shareholders like me. But to do interview in Singapore it's sucks lah!
For interview in JB it's worst la. Why..can shop mah? Shop your head la. Shopping in JB can be more costly cos what happened if you are robbed or your car get hijacked huh? The other disincentive is the interviewers on this side of the causeway have to drive through those heavy traffic jams to get there and hear those boring and stereo typed of self intro by the wannabes....." I want to join the airlines because I love serving people...." bla, bla and all those bullshit!
Come la...I was an interviewer too....remember? When my manager asked for volunteers to conduct interviews on weekends in Singapore, me and my colleagues would try to "siyam" (avoid).But when the interview was in a foreign country
(except JB), wah lau suddenly everybody volunteered for the job. In the end my manager said this "won't do" and rostered us for the Singapore interviews.
So you see guys, to begin with the interviews in Singapore are a big disincentive for the interviewers. Therefore when you go there with a boring and stereo typed of self intro or answers, they will boot you even before you tell them that to be a cabin crew with the "world's best airlines" and all those bullshit is "my dream". Tough hor?
Hey since the airline has a cc pledge why don't you wannabes also have one huh?
Should it be something like this?

Cabin crew wannabes' pledge.

We the cabin crew wannabes promise to:

Tickle you my interviewers till you laugh and cry
Delight you with a passion that never die
If you don't recruit me it's your lost
Cos I am so pleasant but never boast
Wish you have a nice day ahead
Recruit me lah and no more headache.

NB: The above is my personal view and opinion and does not in anyway reflect that of the current interviewers.


Jacky said...

Yo Uncle Boh Tong, for the first time going to fly Singapore Airline. Hope the food is good. Btw, can we have more than 2 servings?

Boh Tong said...

2 servings on 1 sector...aiya kena scolding by crew then u know...hehe but sure if u r cute type crew will pamper and give u more than 2

Jacky said...

Aiyo I thought singapore crew very friendly and world class one. Hope they don't scold cos I want to try two different dishes leh. Make my money worth it u know.

Boh Tong said...

If u r flying 2 sectors eg sin/tyo/lax then u get more than 2 meals but if u r flying sin/kul maybe they will gv u 1/2 meal hehe


Uncle BT I got try 2 serving before
1) Fish
2) Chicken by some Chinese chef

I took 2) then ask for 1); crew gave me 2) again... ok la I take it as 1) no more stock... but gd to have gotten my $$ worth hehe... ;D

Boh Tong said...

KRISFLYTIM...u like hokkien says "chiat kow poon"

Anonymous said...

".....try two different dishes leh. Make my money worth it u know...."

Either you are fond of aircraft food then you should consider being a cabin crew or you are a Cheapo!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Wat an awful looking uniform!
Scoot pathetic name.