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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cabin Crew interview in KL, Malaysia today.

Aiya same story la. Today in KL and next Saturday in Singapore. After that in HK, Korea blah blah.....
So many interviews but very few suitable people for the cabin crew job. Or is it that SQ's standard is too high like candidates must be tall,pretty,boobsy,intelligent, talented, eloquent,subservient blah blah.
Subservient? ....even the maids these days aren't subservient. They demand for their rights and higher salary otherwise they will go and work in HK and elsewhere where they could be getting more money etc.
To be honest, these days the travelling public don't care how the cc looks like. As long as they get what they wanted on the flight they would be happy eg. playing cards,kiddies' toys,free booze and often the stainless steel cutlery. Of course  the tickets must be cheap too.
In the old days, air travel was usually for the rich. The tickets were expensive and few could afford to fly. If one is able to fly economy,not to mention first class, one would expect a lot from the crew. The stewardesses must be graceful,elegant and sophisticated. The crew need to be able to converse well because we did not have movies, inflight music etc to occupy the passengers. PR was very important in the old days. Therefore, the airlines were extremely selective during the interviews.
These days, if the airlines want to be selective during the cc interview, they will get few siutable people. So be practical and get whoever you think is average. The day will come when the queue for the interview will be short and the interviewers will have to wait for the candidates and not the other way round. Perhaps one day,the airlines would have to give incentives for people to be its cabin crew.
Good luck to all those attending the interview today!

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Anonymous said...

Agree. SIA has in the past 20 years invested heavily in technologies, e.g., space bed, KrisWorld, Internet, etc etc, cabin crew quality and PR is not a priority as far as $ goes. They don't even can to carry and play with your baby anymore.