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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cabin crew specialists

Do you ever wonder if you were to suffer a heart attack on a flight who is capable of helping you? Many may think the cabin crew or a medical doctor could help. But does it ever occur to you how many times would a doctor be available on the flight? Most of the time,there will be zero doctor on board. So under the circumstance, the patient would have to depend on the cabin crew. The question now is how well are the crew trained to handle such a situation? My answer is most aren't capable of assisting the patient. Then what is the solution? There may also be other cases eg. epilepsy,fainting,coma, coughing blood, giving birth etc. Certainly, most crew would have limited knowledge and skills to assist these unfortunate passengers. In my opinion, the airlines should employ cabin crew with medical/nursing skills. Perhaps not all cabin crew should be ex nurses but at least one should be available on each flight. I notice that many in the nursing profession who were interested in becoming cabin crew were not recruited during the interview. I am talking about qualified nurses who are keen to be cabin crew.

What happen if there is a security issue on the flight? Don't you think the cabin crew should be trained in some kind of martial arts to handle the rough and unruly passengers? The security training the crew receive at the moment is insufficient. Many with martial arts skills applied to be cabin crew were also not selected.

Times have changed. Most passengers aren't interested  with having good looking crew serving them. They want to feel safe and secure on their flights.

My suggestion is to recruit people with nursing and medical skills,people with martial arts skills, policemen and women, firemen etc. Of course, these people should also be selected because on their good personality, ability to please and serve, having good team spirit etc.

Above is my 2 cents worth.

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Cool Dog said...

The notion of engaging qualified/experienced nurses to provide medical emergency services is not feasible.

Qualified medical staff, from nurses to doctors etc., are required to undergo regular training to remain qualified.

A former nurse *may* be able to better serve than nothing.


It is another thing altogether to *DEPEND* on a former nurse as an SOP.

Anonymous said...

Former staff nurses or asst. nurses are an asset to not only the airlines but most work places. They surely will be effective if someone is sick as they are professionally trained. The airlines do not have to pay them extra so why not recruit them instead of the ordinary folks.

Anonymous said...

How about getting retired nurses as part of cabin crew. Retirees don't ask for high pay. These retired ones don't have to serve since it is not their line to serve. Perhaps they can clear the trays after meals and make sure the cabin is clean.

The young ones said...

Aihyo retirees are old ppl and cannot be part of the cabin service. Ooops sorry old folks no insult intended.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays with IT (E.g., Skype), SIA can have a full time doctor in HQ to give instructions to cabin crew who will administer patient-pax. Key is to train CC to have basic knowledge to carry our instructions and carry essential equipment on board. As for security, I though all CC must have gone thru karate training? At least I know SMRT send all their station staff for jungle survival and karate course, incl. how to handle firearms.

Anonymous said...

Your first part is correct but the second part about karate training is incorrect.CC are trained in "soft" self defence.