Friday, May 25, 2012

Comments and Reply from SIA

AS A longstanding customer and top-tier frequent flier member of Singapore Airlines' loyalty programme, I think SIA's problems stem from its senior management's disconnect with its customers' needs ('SIA still great but can be better, says CEO'; last Friday). Comment by SIA passenger Allen Tan

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Reply by SIA Product Services SVP Mr. Tan Pee Teck: SINGAPORE Airlines (SIA) is fully cognisant of the increasingly competitive landscape in which we operate, and we wish to assure our customers that complacency has no room in our business strategy ('SIA has become complacent' by Mr Allen Tan, and 'SIA's cost and effect' by Mr Jeremy Cheong, Forum Online; both on Wednesday). We receive regular feedback - through surveys, focus groups, mail and informal channels - and take it very seriously, at the highest levels of the company. More here

SIA Passenger Jorg Dietzel think airline is still the best.
I DISAGREE with the criticism of Singapore Airlines ('SIA has become complacent' by Mr Allen Tan, and 'SIA's cost and effect' by Mr Jeremy Cheong, Forum Online, both on Wednesday; and yesterday's editorial, 'Rediscovering a great way to fly') click here to read full statement.


Anonymous said...

Same old shit! LPPL!

Anonymous said...

As usual Stinkaporean complains and foreigners praise SQ.

cabin crew said...

Keep it up Pee Teck

Anonymous said...

What's new??????
A bunch of seat warmers and non performers!

".....will have no choice but to fly more often with other carriers"....Allen Tan.
Spot on!

Done that long long time ago.


Anonymous said...

alamak even with steward ah pui entertaining on the flight, ppl still complain

Anonymous said...

why work so hard,flights shortened,pay cut,lesser off days in a year.give 5 cents worth of service.

Stories From The Air said...

SQ needs to pay attention to Asians. The West has been an important market and it is still so. But, the East is getting just as important. The problem is SIA is not paying attention to the rise of Asia.

Consider this:
1. The spoken language in the safety video is still only English.

2. Crew are discouraged from speaking non- English languages amongst themselves and to passengers.

3.Service is atuned to Western needs and culture.

4. Courses are conducted which acquaint crew more and more with Western lifestyles and thinking, but further and further away from Eastern ones.