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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Funny Local Acronyms

  • MAS : Minyat Ada Sidikit ( a bit fuel left in Malay)
  • DBS: "Don't Be Singaporean" 
  • PAP (People Action Party): Proud Arrogant Politicians, Pro Aliens (Foreigners) Party
  • PAP (People Action Party): Pay and Pay, WP (Workers' Part): Why Pay?, SDP (Singapore Democratic Party): So Don't Pay
  • COE (Certificate of Entitlement):  Cash On Expressway
  • ITE (Institute of Technical Education): It's The End
  • NTUC (National Trade Union Congress): No Trust in Union Chief, Never Trust Union Chief
  • SENTOSA : So Expensive, Nothing TO See Actually
  • ERP (Eelectronic Road Pricing): Excessive Road Pricing, Everyday Rob People,  Every road pay
  • PUB (Public Utility Borad): Pay Until Bankrupt 
  • SBS(Singapore Bus Service): Screwed-up Bad Service, Si Bei Slow (Very Slow in Hokkien)
  • SAF (Singapore Armed Forces): Serve and Forget
  • PWD (Public Work Dept): Purposely Want Dig
  • MRT (Mass Rapid Transit): Mad Rush to Train
  • GST (Goods and Service Tax): Government Salary Tax
  • BMW: Big Mouth Woman, Bring More Women, Bus, MRT or Walk?
  • SGH (Spore General Hospital)-Sure Go Heaven, Sure Giveup Hope
  • NUH (National University Hospital): Never Use Heart
  • CPF (Central Provision Fund): Cash Prior to Funeral
  • FT: Foreign Talents or Fake Talent?
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    Jacky said...

    Haha, uncle boh tong, u are very funny.