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Monday, May 28, 2012

Have a heart please, Interviewers

Please do not pay attention to the quality of the singing. This is a song about a cabin crew hopeful who was rudely told to stop smiling by her interviewer. We fully understand it's tedious and tiring conducting interviews on weekends especially after having to work during the weekdays. But do have some consideration for the wannabes who queue up for hours just to be interviewed ( many only for the first round and get booted out after a few minutes).

The said wannabe was not my student or participant before she attended that interview. After the failed interview she wanted to meet me and I agreed. She told me her problem with the interviewer.
I found out a few weaknesses about this young lady.She asked me to tutor her so she could get the job she badly wanted. I managed to change her attitude and mind set towards people. I started by telling her the job of a cabin crew is to please people and in this particular case, she must have irritated the interviewer by saying something that displeased him.
She was like a raw gem which need to be polished. After the session with me she applied for the job again. This time she was successful. She is now flying with a reputable international airline which I will not named, at least not for the moment.


Stories From The Air said...

Clap! Clap! Clap! Great singing!
Unfortunately, I was also distracted by the post above, otherwise would have like it even more.

Anonymous said...

BT, did you write the lyrics yourself?
If you did, you are super!

Boh Tong said...

Yes I wrote the lyrics. I was so upset when the lady candidate told me what happened at the interview. Anyway, she is now flying with the same airline.