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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I got it, I got it Sir!

"It was my first attempt at a CC interview ever, and the Cabin Crew talk certainly prepared all the participants well enough to execute the effective strategies and mindsets required to impress the interviewers. To those of you who are thinking of signing up, don't wait, forget about free tips you find in forums because honestly, I have seen them all being used during the interview and some of them do not work. Meanwhile, Luke's general tips and strategies help you to be unique as an individual, yet showcase the qualities desired by the Airlines. He also takes time to give each individual unique feedback from the perspective of an interviewer. It was certainly an enjoyable talk that paid good dividends in the end because i got 'the call' last week!" 

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Jacky said...

Hi, I got a new blog on Happiness!
Do provide feedback. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

BT, do you know anything about the Silkair interview whereby during the height test, are we allowed to tip toe when we are told to reach the height of 210cm? Thanks

Boh Tong said...

no tip toeing la

Anonymous said...

BT, do u tink silkair will hold a recruitment in may soon?