Friday, June 8, 2012

For those who are still wondering who I am

This is my blog and it tell stories of airline crew as well as assengers.They are funny and at times juicy.Please do not be offended with me as I am just relating what I know. The stories are not representatives of all the crew and passengers. Over 90% of the crew and passengers are good people. It's only the 10% or less that I am talking about here.

I used to work  with SIA for 35 years . I was its cabin crew trainer and administrator. Not that I didn't like my job but SIA "invited" us  (18 all together) to leave during the SARS crisis of 2003. In fact our most "popular" svp cabin crew Mr. Sim Kay Wee was the "kind" soul who strongly advised us to scoot off.
SIA was losing millions during that period and being understanding and loyal employees who didn't want SIA to fold up, we left without even battling an eyelid.
A few months later SARS disappeared and SIA started to recover fiercely,making more than a billion that financial year.
We learnt one lesson from this episode and that cabin crew didn't even want to engage us as their part time trainers,preferring to use inexperienced supervisors to train the crew. So much for being loyal and understanding employees.
As for svp Sim,he too left SIA but under different circumstances. He joined the then newly formed ValuAir and became it's ceo. In less than a year,Sim left ValuAir under mysterious circumstances.
Frankly SIA was an excellent company to work for, if not for a few of its  senior cabin crew management staff.
All who left had no regrets except for one or two.
As for me, I was and am happy to have bade SIA sayonara. It's cabin crew's lost and not mine.
Now I spend my time blogging as well as attending to my "Pet Care" business. Once a while I conduct "Seminar"  for cabin crew hopefuls. I write programs teaching the cc hopefuls how to ace the airline cabin crew interviews. ( thru my seminars and E-guides or programs I have helped more than 200 people get their dream jobs with various airlines)
Two years ago, a reputable publisher Marshal Cavendish approached me asking permission to publish some of stories in my blog. I consented and they have since been paying me royalties every year.
The book is " Fasten Your Seatbelts" which is being sold in most good book stores. You may also buy the E-book here.


Anonymous said...

you are a bright spark boh.your pet enterprise is consistently raking in ten grand a mth.most guys who left sia are struggling to get a decent job let alone putting a decent meal on the table.maybe you should start a wannabe buisness talk for people like us.

Boh Tong said...

" should start a wannabe buisness talk for people like us.."

What do u want me to teach u huh?

Anonymous said...

Go and sell lontong,mee goreng and kopi and u can make as much or even more that BT.

Mercedes said...

Sell lontong? Sure if it's yummy otherwise how to make much $$.