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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I will be taking legal action unless........

Yes, after reading how Xiaxue dealt with the Internet bullies I am also going to fight those who either stole my stories which are copyrighted or left defamatory comments about me. In the latter, I will hold the bloggers who are also the moderators of their blogs responsible. I have email to those bloggers asking them to remove the scandalous and defamatory remarks about me. I will give them a few days to delete those comments after which I will instruct my lawyers to file defamation lawsuits against them.

For the attention of those guilty of defamation on the Internet.

• The law of defamation applies equally to 
statements made on the Internet. Extends to
– Bloggers
– Social Media
• If a claim is brought, the burden of proving 
one of the defences lies on the defendant and 
it is not easy to discharge.  
• It is also very costly to defend. 

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These 2 blogs which contained defamatory  remarks about me had been shut down...


Anonymous said...

This is was sued for defamation

Online lawyer said...

Not only should a blogger take care not to perpetrate libel or falsehood online, he or she should also verify the accuracy of the information being put up so as to avoid negligent mis-statements which may expose one to a negligence lawsuit.

Stories From The Air said...

Give chance lah