Saturday, June 23, 2012

I will sue for damages .......

I have emailed a blogger regarding some defamatory and libelous comments about me in her blog for the third time,requesting her to remove them. She has  not removed the major part of the comments. Below is the email I have sent her.

Dear XXXX,

This is my third email to you, requesting you to remove the defamatory remarks made about me in your blog by "tttttt" and "uuu".

Let me make it clear to you that I have consulted my lawyer and he will be issuing you a letter of "Demand" if the remarks are not removed in the next few days.

Even if you have removed those remarks made about me, I still reserve the right to sue you for damages. Please note the damages and legal cost could run into "ten of thousands". 

The ball is now in your court so it is all up to you.


A point to note : Not only should a blogger take care not to perpetrate libel or falsehood online, he or she should also verify the accuracy of the information being put up so as to avoid negligent mis-statements which may expose one to a negligence lawsuit.

A note to bloggers and website and forum owners:

This is very important if you have a web site that allows article commentary, a blog that allows comments, or a forum, where you might be held responsible for publishing the libelous comments of other people.  Here is an example where a responsible web forum owner deactivated messages that might be defamatory:
"Our regular readers may have noticed that we shut down comments privileges for about a week. . . However, although the majority of comments were appropriate, important ethical and legal concerns were raised by a significant minority of comments."

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Anonymous said...

Soot lah or rather sue lah!!!

Eddy said...

BT sue the hell out of her. Cabin crew will support you all the way.

ferr said...

Hi BT, may i know if i will be rejected by sia if ive mild anemia? thanks alot

Boh Tong said...

hello ferr this is about suing for damages so pls leave your comment in the correct place.
Ok to answer your question ppl with anemia would be rejected unless your doctor say it does not prevent u from carrying your duties properly.