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Thursday, June 21, 2012

SIA and A380

Singapore Airlines (SIA) operates passenger services to more than 60 cities in over 30 countries around the world. Within Asia, passengers can connect to over 30 cities served by SilkAir, its regional wing.

SIA's fleet  consist  mainly of the Airbus and Boeing. SIA is the first airline to fly the super jumbo A380  (since 2007). It has 17 A380 in operation. Emirates is the largest A380 owner with 21. 
Do you know the A380 passenger decks alone is the size of 3 tennis courts?
According to TIME magazine: The lack of engine noise—it's 50% quieter than a 747-400 on take off—was downright eerie. The A380 is so big it's difficult to sense its speed, and its upper deck is so far away from the engines the noise dissipates.

The cost of a A380 is about US$340 million or S$430 million. This price could buy you 430  3 bedroom Bayshore Park apartments or 400 Ferrari 458 Spider with COE in Singapore.  

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